Epsom salt

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Epsom Salt is often used as a natural treatment for eczema skin. That’s why I ordered a 5 kg bag of Westlab Epsom salt from lookfantastic.dk to see if there was anything on the matter.I have tested the product for … Continued

Dairy-free diet helps eczema

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For many people, a dairy-free diet helps them clear their eczema or at least reduce the severity of flare-ups. Since dairy products are a major trigger for eczema it is an important element in my diet to avoid foods that … Continued

Sugar and eczema

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Several times I felt that there is a connection between too much sugar and subsequent outbreaks or worsening of my eczema. In the anti-inflammatory diet, sugar is one of the biggest culprits, affecting blood sugar levels and pancreatic insulin production. … Continued