For some guys, it is possible to heal eczema naturally.

Try my easy-to-follow methods, and you could be one of us.

I am living proof that you can heal eczema naturally. That is not saying that everybody can do it. But some guys are able to heal themselves by exercising discipline in their diet, skincare, and routines in the shower.

As you know already, there is no quick fix or a special product that will miraculously heal your itching and inflamed skin.

Many products promise great results. But I know that you will only get better if you optimize your diet and skincare routines. This website is all about giving you the knowledge, tools, and motivation to heal your eczema in a healthy and natural way.

I do not promise a cure for eczema. But the knowledge and methods can help you get rid of eczema or at least better the condition, so it is more manageable. Depending on your commitment to the guidelines your results may vary.

Knowledge is the best medicine for eczema, but only if you apply it!

My results

I have for many years been experimenting with different approaches to skincare and bathing routines. After researching the medical literature on eczema and skincare and how different hygiene products affect the skin barrier, I found the key to my eczema healing. Simply told eczema is a symptom of leaky skin and thats why it is important to keep the skin barrier tight and healthy. Since the skin consists of skin cells held together by fatty oils it became obvious that soap is the primary enemy, because it dissolves and removes fats and oils. It is like removing the mortar in a brick wall resulting in the disintegration of the structure.

The methods have been optimized so that patches of eczema are also disinfected thereby reducing the risk of fungal infection in the eczema.

Below you see the result of dealing with an eczema flare-up using my skincare and bathing routines for 14 days.

Result of using the methods

Interview at

The website is an American website that aims to create a connection between patients and people in the healthcare system. They aim to share information and advice with people living with eczema.

They liked to have an interview regarding my approach to eczema healing by being disciplined and using simple methods.

Read the entire interview here.

A free e-book – Eczema Healing Guide

To make it even easier to heal your eczema I have made a book. In this easy-to-understand guide, you will get the knowledge, that makes it possible for you to win the battle against eczema.

The book is free and available on Apple books. Just press the link below.

heal eczema naturally
Press and enter Apple bookstore

Read more about why I just had to make the book here.

Eczema Healing Guide – The app

As a continuation of my work at, I have created an app so eczema patients can get advice and guidance in an easy and accessible way.

In the app you can read the book Man’s guide to eczema healing and the Action-plan Eczema Battle Plan as a PDF. You can have the Action-plan printed out so it can be hung on the fridge or in the bathroom.

You can also read articles about dietary choices, skincare procedures, and bathing routines, which have made me now 99% eczema-free. If you have the courage, a good dose of self-discipline and the will to become eczema-free, then this app is the most compact guide you will find to natural eczema healing.

The app is also available for Android devices in the Google Play-Store.

Press the here to get to Google Play-Store.

The financial side of eczema healing

Difference between the normal approach that suppresses symptoms with steady stronger medication versus natural eczema healing through optimized diet, skincare, and habits.

Traditional approach

As the potency of the medication increases, so do the cost and potential side effects. The patient will try different medications until symptoms are under control. Since no healing of the root causes is happening, the cost will remain steady.

Natural eczema healing

While symptoms are suppressed with conventional steroid creams the patient learns and applies optimized skincare routines. The diet is dialed in so inflammation is minimized and the body finds its natural healthy balance.

Harmful habits are replaced with healthy ones resulting in fewer and milder eczema flare-ups. Over time the patient will be their own eczema expert and know how to maintain and improve skin- and overall health.

The cost and potency of the steroid creams applied will over time be reduced and side effects are minimized. 

Only a small number of patients will experience full eczema healing with no need for steroid creams. Most patients will be able to improve their condition in a possitive way and compared with the traditional approach the cost, potential side effects, and burden of eczema will be greatly reduced.

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