If you suffer from eczema and are ready to heal yourself in a natural way, this is the site for you.

There is no quick fix or special product that will miraculously heal your itching and inflamed skin.

Topical steroids can give short time relief, but at the cost of serious long-term side effects.

Many products promise great results, but we know from our own experience that you will only get better if you optimize your diet and routines. This site is all about giving you the knowledge, tools and motivation to heal your eczema in a healthy and natural way.

We do not promise a cure for eczema. Depending on your commitment to the guidelines your results will vary.

The book is free and available on Apple books. Just press the link below.

Or you can get it on Amazon, but there I had to set a price, so it is about 0,99$. Sorry, but it is not possible to publish totally free books on Amazon.

Read more about why I just had to make the book here.

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