Banana-Bites – Healthy snack without dairy and eggs

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Banana bites are a healthy snack without cows’ milk and eggs. They have very little added sugar, as it is the well-ripened bananas that provide sweetness. This makes them suitable for people who have food sensitivities or people with eczema who find that cows’ milk and eggs aggregate or provoke flare-ups.

If you want to keep healthy body weight, they can also be a good alternative to other more unhealthy snacks. When one’s candy craving comes in the evening, it’s perfect to thaw a frozen banana bite instead of going in the candy closet.

Banana bites are easy to produce and children can easily help make them in the kitchen. It’s a simple recipe and there are many ways to improvise with other ingredients than the ones I have chosen.


  • 6 well ripe bananas, dark brown with “leopard spots”
  • 0,5 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla sugar
  • 1 deciliter Oat-milk
  • 0,5 deciliter wheat flour
  • 1,5 deciliter oatmeal or müsli
  • 1 deciliter coconut flour
  • 50 grammes 70 % dark chokolade (chopped)
  • Chopped nuts


Once the bananas, spices and oatmeal are in, whisk well with a hand mixer.

Then add the wheat flour and whish again. The rest of the ingredients are added and stirred until well mixed. It can be done with a pot spoon, but not with a hand mixer, as it crushes it too much into a moochi blend.

By using the metal ring from a Eva Solo steak presses you can easily shape the cakes. Dip the metal ring in water before and in between each filling and the dough will release easily. You can also put blobs of cake dough on the baking paper and then they get a more organic shape :-).

The banana bites are baked at 200 degrees for approx. 30 min. They are done when they get a little brownish ontop.

After cooling down, you can eat them immediately or put them in the freezer for later use. It’s a good idea to use the “black” bananas that no one really bothers to eat anyway. This minimizes food waste and saves money on a tight budget.

When the cakes are done baking, you can let them cool on a rack. They can stay in the fridge for a relatively long time, and are best kept in the freezer if you do not get to eat them within a few days. Then they are also easy to pick up and put in the lunch box in the morning.