In my late thirties I had a major eczema flareup and decided to get it fixed once and for all. I was desperate and furious at the doctors who just kept prescribing more and stronger topical steroid creams.

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After reading about the side effects of steroid creams on the human body it was obvious that it could go on no longer. I had bleeding eczema-wounds on my scalp and large patches of eczema on my arms. Even the skin around my eyes was inflamed, red and wrinkly. I looked twenty years older than I was and did not like meeting other people. I felt physical fatigue and a constant sense of unrest, not to speak of enormous frustration.

That’s when I began to research eczema-healing in a more focused way than before. I was shocked to find very little information online about natural eczema healing. Bits of information were scattered in blogs, websites, and medical studies, but nowhere was the whole story to be found.


Finally I found the blog of a guy who improved his eczema by excluding milk and other dairy products from his diet. There was no turning back: I had to try it out! 

With high hopes I removed all dairy products from my diet. Quickly my eczema got better and the flare-ups were much more manageable. My skin problems did not go away, but I could handle them much better. 

Since this first breakthrough I have been on a mission to heal my eczema in the best and most natural way.

I spent ten years researching eczema and experimenting with countless dietary choices and products. In the end I realised that the way to eczema healing was more straightforward than I thought. The solution is to use simple but effective routines. Routines while showering as well as a correct use of creams during the day. And, of course, protecting the skin from external toxins. That’s how I beat my eczema.

Get the message out!

On social media lots of people are desperate to heal their eczema. I fell that I have the solution they are looking for. but how can I get the message out to as many eczema sufferers as possible?

In my spare time I have worked as a physical education coach at a local sports club. There I met a young boy with really bad eczema. Hands dry as paper and the fingerjoints bleeding when he flexed them. I asked how his parents had tried to heal his eczema. He told me about harsh steroid-creams and parents desperate for help. Something clicked inside of me and I became motivated and inspired to get my story out. I realized what I had to do and built my own website on eczema healing in my mother tongue, Danish.

Now, a few years and a lot of experience later, I have gone a step further and made the website

In my book you will find all about how I healed my eczema to the point where it is no longer a problem. The book is a single point of entry into the subject of eczema healing. It offers you the knowledge, techniques and motivation to start your own healing process.

I don’t promise a cure for eczema, but by using the guidelines in my book you can expect great improvement. If you found this website you areclearly motivated for change!

In the book I do not advertise expensive creams or drastic dietery changes, such as going vegan or vegetarian. It’s a guide for men that are want control of their lives. If you have the will to change, I promise that you will become a healthier, more energetic version of yourself and that your eczema condition will cease to be a major problem.

Get the book here – Its totally free