Make a stand now!

You have to make a stand and decide if you will commit to get rid of your eczema. My book will help you get on the road to permanent change. Once your eczema has cleared up and you get your energy back, you will not go back to your former life and diet.

It takes some self-discipline to avoid foods that you know will trigger your eczema. However, since you know the itching of red and inflamed skin from your own body, the risks of “taking a chance” are clear to you. That’s why you must firmly say “no!” to the food that you know or think may provoke an eczema flare-up.

The risk of “taking a chance” frequently leads to an eczema flareup that you have to treat with steroid creams for at least a week.

We all have a special mental tool we can use in a crisis situation. It is called the Warrior Mind and we all have it deep within ourselves. The Warrior Mind is a big asset in the healing process and will often provide you with the right course of action.

When weak-mind says CANDY, Warrior-mind says CARROT!!

Weak Mind is the voice in your head that’s always chattering and commenting. It likes instant pleasures no matter the consequences.

Warrior Mind is your intuition, your feeling that something is right. It will guide you to the best choices even if Weak Mind is complaining like a spoilt child.

Activate your Warrior Mind NOW!