Eczema-pill, are we there yet?

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Wouldn’t it be nice just to take a pill or some medicine every morning and heal your eczema?. Oh, yes!. But right now that is not an option.

Many companies are trying to get to this market first because they know how big it will be. There are hundreds of millions with eczema and other skin disorders worldwide. These patients are potential buyers of the new eczema medicine products that are coming to market now.

Eczema medicine is Big business

The pharmaceutical industry knows that many patients just want to heal their eczema with medicine or a pill. Because of that, the market for eczema-related drugs is expected to expand over the next decade. Of special interest is the new product Dupixent (biological medicine). The price is roughly $3,300 pr. month, but the initial dose is twice that amount.

Dupixent is produced in the ovary of Chinese hamsters. Prediction says that this drug alone will give the manufacturer a modern “money tree”. It grows forever since the patients are supposed to use it for the rest of their lives.

In one year, Dupixent earned € 679 million. It’s a little crazy that one type of eczema medicine can make so much money.

Eczema medicine sales trend
Eczema medicine sales trend

User reviews of DUPIXENT range from FANTASTIC to severe side effects. That includes inflammation of the cornea of the eye, extensive eczema flare-up, and of course “money-pain”.

Eczema expert Rob Stuart has basically the same approach to eczema healing as on this site. He has achieved total healing by reorganizing his diet and routines. It is affirming to know that my ideas and methods are in line with other eczema patients. People who have also healed themselves through lifestyle changes and skincare.

Click on the image to get to his channel and the more than 200 videos on eczema and natural eczema healing.

Rob Stuart is also concerned about these new potent eczema medicine products.

Have all options been tried?

My approach to eczema treatment is to have a strong focus on a healthy lifestyle and optimal skincare. Part of skincare is the daily bath and here I often see the greatest opportunities for improvement. Soaps in the bath are toxic to sensitive skin. Therefore replacing the soaps with salt or a regular washcloth is extremely important. The sensitive skin barrier is made up of skin cells and various lipids that need our protection. Soap, shampoo, and various soap-containing scrub products damage these lipids and thereby the skin.

The diet

Diet is important as it must contain all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients that the body needs. In the diet, we also find foods and additives and sugar, which can create inflammation and thus cause eczema.

Overweight and obesity are major riskfactors for eczema. And eczema is a major risk factor for developing a weight problem. For that reason keeping the weight in check is of great importance.

A good indication of whether one is eating healthy is by looking at BMI and the body’s overall impression. If your BMI is in the lower part of the normal spectrum it indicates that not many unhealthy foods and sugars are consumed. If the body appears “trimmed”, it is a good indicator that the patient is on the right track diet-wise.

One should examine:

  • Is the diet healthy ?. It should consist of porridge, rye bread, healthy cold cuts such as fish, hummus, etc., fruits, and vegetables like carrots and cabbage.
  • Sugar intensifies inflammation in the body and needs to be eliminated from the diet.
  • Try to eat less fast food, ice cream, sweets, and other “empty calories” – They must be removed from the diet and replaced by healthy foods without preservatives and added sugar
  • Find allergens by using the “eczema-detective method” along with the dermatologist’s allergy tests

Why try natural healing?

The purpose of optimizing one’s lifestyle is to get as far in healing as possible in a natural way. The best result would be a total “cure”. Even if this is not possible a big improvement of the condition will also be good. Then you can settle for regular steroid creams (eg Locoid) and non-steroid creams (eg Elidel). It might be sufficient to keep eczema at bay while the skin is slowly rebuilding. One must never say “all or nothing”. Instead, think of it as a victory if you can achieve 75% improvement through an optimized lifestyle. You do not want to take the expensive and potent products that the pharmaceutical industry is currently rolling out. But With all the side effects are immediate and may not appear until many years from now.

The video below is about one of the first Danish patients on the DUPIXENT-treatment.